We help active adults in Pflugerville, TX recover from injury to stay mobile without having to rely on pain meds

Are you tired of complaining about pain?

Were you told you are "bone on bone" and there is nothing you could do?

Are you frustrated that pain stops you from participating in activities you enjoy?

We have just found the solution to your problem! We at Trata Physical Therapy help you achieve optimal body condition to perform all activities you enjoy and may be missing at the moment. We differentiate ourselves from most physical therapy clinics and treatments due to the fact our patients see a Doctor of Physical Therapy for a full 1-on-1 session. Trata offers strong manual therapy (everyone's favorite) as well as targeted strength and mobility training created specifically for YOUR individual goals. Also, we do not waste time on ice or heat packs or use assistants to walk you through your exercise activities.

We use a holistic approach and treat the whole person in order to find the source of the problem and create a unique treatment plan according to your specific needs for a more lasting effect.

Where Does It Hurt?

Look below to find your are of concern - and click where it hurts...

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